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  • Dispersal Sale at Rodway Manor Saturday 2 May
    Published: 30th April 2015

    On Behalf of Messrs J.A.C. Madeley & Sons at Rodway Manor, Kynnersley, Telford, TF6 6EF

  • Market Full To Bursting On Wednesday!
    Published: 16th April 2015

    Market full to bursting on Wednesday 15 April - 181 Clean Cattle & Young Bulls - top calls to 256p for steers, 248p for heifers & 226p for bulls - thank you for all your support &

  • Massive Show of Hoggets Selling On A Cracking Trade
    Published: 09th April 2015

    1,399 Prime Hoggets sold on Easter Monday (overall market SQQ average returned at 201p) plus 3,016 Hoggets sold on Wednesday (SQQ average 213p) plus 99 Prime Lambs (average 299p), 355 But

    Published: 02nd April 2015

    Busy Easter Week with 410 Barren Cows, Bulls & Overage Clean (Red Market) top slots to 206p bulls (average 134.33p), 187p clean (average 132p), 183p sucklers (average 135.67p) and 171

    Published: 26th March 2015


  • More Cattle Needed to Meet Demand
    Published: 19th March 2015

    241 Barren Cows, Bulls & Overage Clean (Green) top accolades to 235p for sucklers, 198p for clean, 180p for bulls & 144p for dairy - an overall average returned at 117p.  1,622 Pr

  • Army of Buyers All Eager For Stores!
    Published: 12th March 2015

    374 Barren Cows, Bulls & Overage Forward on Monday 9th March for first red market of March - overall market average 114p (222p sucklers, 212p bulls, 207p clean & 153p dairy).  Nex

  • 1,029 Cattle Sold & 3,512 Prime Hoggets, Ewes & Store Sheep Sold This Week at Drayton
    Published: 05th March 2015

    331 Barren Cows, Bulls & Overage Clean (Green Market) leading lights shone to 197p for bulls, 190p for sucklers, 155p for clean and 150p for dairy - Monday 9th March is a RED Market.

  • Buoyant Trade Throughout For Hoggets
    Published: 26th February 2015

    2,182 Prime Hoggs Forward with an overall SQQ averge returned at 194p (top call of the day 240p or £106.62).  From Monday 2nd March Evening Hogget Sales Commence, 4pm - and will continue

  • A Trade That Needed Seeing To Be Believed In the Weanlings
    Published: 19th February 2015

    1,274 Barren Cows, Clean Cattle, Young Bulls, Store Cattle, Calves & Weanlings Sold Here At Market Drayton This Week!