Weanling Sale

17th February 2020

The next Weanling sale is Monday 17th February - Anticipated entry of 280 to 320 - Entries invited, so far we have :- (mixed Steers and Heifers unless stated)

15 x Friesian bulls (4-6 months), 10 x British Blue heifers (4-6 months), 13 x Monty and Herefords (6 months), 12 x British Blue bulls (3-4 months), 28 x British Blues (4-6 months), 15 x Angus and Hereford (3-5 months), 25 x Limousin and Angus (6-9 months), 20 x Aberdeen Angus (4-6 months), 6 x Simmentals and Herefords (6-9months), 6 x British Blue heifers (6-8 months), 8 x Friesian and Beef Shorthorn (4-6 months), 16 x Friesian bulls (6-8 months), 10 x British Blue and Angus (6 months), 8 x Beef Shorthorn bulls (7 months), 17 x Angus and Hereford (6 months), 10 x Blue and Simmentals (5-6 months)

The Weanling sales are the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 11:30am. With regular numbers of 200-300 each sale.

The Monday sale follows the format of the successful Wednesday monthly sale, but will offer more penning space, reduce time queuing, loading and unloading.The Monday market is already well established for marketing Pigs, Dairies via the Mid Month sale and Herd Dispersals aswell as Cull Cows. The Weanlings add to what is already a thriving sale day and will only enhance the atmosphere at Market Drayton Market.

We are committed to growing the service that we offer the livestock industry and this new sale platform provides a fantastic opportunity to grow both our Monday and Wednesday market days.

If you have any enquiries or would like to book any entries for the first sale please contact Ben Baggott or Jonty Cliffe on 01630 652926.