Standing Straw

Barbers Auctions hold an Annual Collective Sale of Standing Straw in July at Market Drayton Livestock Market. The 2018 sale was on Thursday 5th July 2018.

2018 Hi-lights:

The Annual Standing Straw sale was held on Thursday 5th July 2018.  A packed saleroom at Market Drayton Livestock Market saw highly bidding for wheat & barley to be baled after harvest.

Wheat Averaged £100.97 Per Acre

Barley Averaged £97.75 Per Acre

Rape Straw Averaged £35.00 Per Acre

For more information contact Our Team at Market Drayton Market on 01630 652926

04th July 2019
Posted on 25th November 2014

Standing Straw Sale here at Market Drayton Market at 7.30pm (Dairy Ring) Auctioneer Ben Baggott 07971 791356 

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