Wintery End To January But £456 For British Blue Bull Calf

265 Barren Cows, Bulls & Overage Clean (Red Market) on Monday 26 January with top prices to 141p for dairy cattle, 190p for sucklers, 185p for bulls & 215p for overage clean.  Monday 2nd February is a Green Market.

Wednesday 28 January :- 252 Clean Cattle & Young Bulls :- Bernie reported a two tier trade with meated, underage and assured very easy to place but light, lean or plain cattle much harder this week (January Blues!) leading lights to 267p for heifers, 255p for steers and 230p for bulls.

1,208 Prime Hoggets - Mark reported a nice entry forward selling on a good trade with good quality Continental lambs selling well in excess of £2.00/kilo on a number of occasions to return an overall market SQQ average of 190.1p.  Mark had a busy week selling the barren cows on Monday and the sheep, dairy cattle and store cattle yesterday!  5 Dairies forward selling to £1,465 for a Shorthorn dairy cow and £1,190 & £1,000 for heifers with two Simmental bulls to £1,450 and £1,460 respectively.  88 Store Cattle with a very strong demand resulting in a flying trade throughout.

309 Calves plus 2 Weanlings - Continental bulls flying trade with not enough to meet buyers demands - top price of the day £456 for a superb British Blue bull from Oakley Farming Ltd sold by our guest auctioneer Richard Goodwin standing in for Ben while he is on holiday!