Massive Show of Hoggets Selling On A Cracking Trade

1,399 Prime Hoggets sold on Easter Monday (overall market SQQ average returned at 201p) plus 3,016 Hoggets sold on Wednesday (SQQ average 213p) plus 99 Prime Lambs (average 299p), 355 Butchers Ewes (average £99.85) and 70 Store Sheep - a massive show of hoggets selling on a cracking trade.

179 Clean Cattle & Young Bulls - 78 Bulls (average 173.4p), 40 Steers (average 184.08p) and 61 Heifers (average 185.20p) - not quite the lows of last year but its worrying where the trade is leading especially when you compare the store cattle.

139 Store Cattle Steers 224p Blonde, Heifers 228p Hereford, Bulls 236p Limousin - more buyers for grazing cattle as the weather has finally turned.

328 Calves - Friesian bulls £185, Native bulls £365, Continental bulls (off the clock) topping at £440, Native heifers £270 and Continental heifers a super trade topping at £400.