Market Full To Bursting On Wednesday!

Market full to bursting on Wednesday 15 April - 181 Clean Cattle & Young Bulls - top calls to 256p for steers, 248p for heifers & 226p for bulls - thank you for all your support & great to see one or two new faces and returning sellers.

20 Dairy Cattle and 227 Store Cattle (Steers 234p British Blue/Heifers 224p Simmental) - as always Hereford and Angus sired cattle selling well.  350 Calves and 292 Weanlings sold by Ben who reported that the smaller the weanling the better sold - bulls topped at £630 Charolais (seven months), steers topped at £700 Limousin and Heifers £775 Limousin (seven months).

1,345 Prime Hoggets sold on Monday 13 April (overall average of 195p).  Plus 2,894 sellling on Wednesday Mark reporting that continental hoggets sellling on a respectable trade and heavier hoggets a lot harder work.  145 Prime Lambs/442 Butchers Ewes and 75 Store Sheep.

Also on Monday 331 Barren Cows sold on a Red Market - 214p sucklers, 189p clean, 184p bulls & 134p dairy - Bernie daring to say not enough for the level of demand around the ring!!