Busy Easter Week with 410 Barren Cows, Bulls & Overage Clean (Red Market) top slots to 206p bulls (average 134.33p), 187p clean (average 132p), 183p sucklers (average 135.67p) and 171p dairy cattle (average 99.38p) and 1,231 Prime Hoggets sold on Monday 30 March with an overall SQQ average returned at 186p.

Wednesday 1 April - 214 Clean Cattle & Young Bulls - Easter delights returned at 248p for heifers, 240p for steers and 237p for bulls - with Bernie reporting that trade looked favourable compared to some outlets be it live or dead.

4 Dairy Cattle and 158 Store Cattle (Steers 300p, Heifers 282p, Bulls 211p) - special entry for next week in the stores of 9 Hereford Steers & Heifers, 12 Angus & Blonde Steers & Heifers and 8 Simmental Heifers.

2,063 Prime Hoggets (what a difference a day makes with hogs selling on a fantastic trade throughout) with a pleasing SQQ average returning at 205p.  20 Prime Lambs saw the best to 362p (33.5kgs) £121.27, average returned at 289p.  337 Butchers Ewes selling to £170.50, Rams £155.00 - average £94.89.  30 Store Sheep - double couples £172.00.

431 Calves plus 81 Weanlings - Friesian bull calves topping at £200.  Native bulls £305 Angus, Continental bulls £445 Charolais, Continental heifers £355 Blue and native heifers £295 Angus.  An extra sale of weanlings this week topping at £710 (six months) Blue Bull.