Buoyant Trade Throughout For Hoggets

2,182 Prime Hoggs Forward with an overall SQQ averge returned at 194p (top call of the day 240p or £106.62).  From Monday 2nd March Evening Hogget Sales Commence, 4pm - and will continue throughout March and April whilst numbers hold - Mark 07813 625787.

397 Barrens forward overall market average was returned at a staggering 123p - 148p dairies, 213p sucklers, 205p clean & 189p bulls.

212 Clean Cattle & Young Bulls - leading lights this week shone to 254p for heifers, 248p for steers and 228p for bulls.

5 Dairy Cattle & 168 Store Cattle - Bulls 158p/kg, Steers 258p/kg and Heifers 252p/kg - younger grazing cattle continue to sell at outstanding levels.

372 Calves forward as block calving herds begin - best Friesian bulls trading £100 to £130 topping at £148.  Continental bulls £340 to £400 topping at £435 and Continental heifers topping at £395..  Native bulls a fast trade to £415 and native heifers topping at £260 for a Hereford.